Whitefield Academy A Christ-Centered College Preparatory School

Fellows Program

The Whitefield Academy Fellows Program 
The Fellows program provides an immersive Christian school experience at Whitefield Academy for college graduates considering teaching as a career. Fellows are provided guidance, training, and experience in teaching and are treated as colleagues within their departments as they teach in real-life classroom settings. Within the scope of the program, the Fellow collaborates with a mentor teacher at Whitefield Academy in the planning and execution of lessons. Over the course of the year, in a scaffolded approach, the Fellow will assume increasing teaching responsibilities under the mentor teacher’s guidance and direction.

In addition, Fellows participate in regular professional development and support the community in a variety of ways in and outside of the classroom to fully engage as members of the Whitefield Academy community, learning about a variety of school experiences. Applications for Fellow positions are reviewed for all academic departments. Upon completion of the program, Whitefield Academy seeks to support Fellows in finding full-time placement in faculty positions at Whitefield Academy or other schools.

Two Fellow Program Tracks

Graduate Fellow: Master's Degree Option
Graduate Fellows choosing the master’s degree option are provided full tuition scholarships for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) at Covenant College. The clinical teaching experience at Whitefield will be supervised in conjunction with Covenant College. 

The Master of Arts in Teaching program at Covenant College is an eleven-month, pedagogy-only, initial teaching certification program in multiple content areas on the secondary level in grades 4 - 12. Summer classes are held during a two-week period at Covenant College, and fall/spring semester classes provide colleagues in the metro-Atlanta area the opportunity to participate in blended classes located at Whitefield Academy. Those in this Graduate Fellow program must meet the academic requirements for admission of Covenant College. 


Faculty Fellow: Paid Internship Option
The Faculty Fellow is a ten-month paid internship. This option requires coaching responsibilities for the faculty fellow during three seasons of extracurricular activities or significant extracurricular involvement in the arts. A salary of $30,000 is paid over 12 months along with the option to be covered under the school’s benefits program (health, dental, life, long-term disability, and retirement).


In the Classroom


  • Each Fellow is assigned to a mentor teacher who helps him/her learn the basics of teaching methodology, discipline, and parent/student relations.
  • As the Fellow’s comfort level increases, the mentor teacher eases him/her into assuming classroom teaching responsibilities. Most Fellows are teaching at least one class by the end of the first grading period.
  • Fellows work one-on-one with students in extra help, allowing them a chance to try different instructional methods with those who are experiencing academic difficulty.


  • Small class size, averaging 18 students across all grade levels
  • Honors and Advanced Placement courses
  • Bible classes, PreK through grade twelve
  • Technology available in the classroom
  • Fully accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Cognia as well as a Member of Council with the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability

Outside the Classroom


  • Fellows assist with various field trips, retreats, and J-Term experiences to enhance their experience and deepen relationships among students and colleagues
  • Fellows will expand the boundaries of classroom teaching by getting involved with the vast opportunities outside of the classroom to engage with students and colleagues in a variety of contexts
  • Faculty fellows with the paid internship option have athletic coaching responsibilities all three seasons and/or fine arts extracurricular responsibilities


  • Faculty and staff anchored in the Christian faith
  • College preparatory program that challenges, nurtures, and strengthens all its students
  • Honor code supported by students, faculty, and parents
  • Parents as essential partners in Whitefield’s educational endeavors
  • Accomplished faculty and colleagues committed to the school, its mission, and its vision

Professional Development


  • Generous support and encouragement to attend local conferences and workshops
  • On-site technology training
  • Meaningful in-service programs throughout the experience

Full Tuition


Graduate Fellows are provided a full tuition scholarship for the Master of Teaching (MAT) at Covenant College. In addition, Fellows are encouraged to enjoy fellowship among their colleagues while enjoying a complimentary lunch each day that school is in session.