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Distinguished Alumni Award




The Whitefield Distinguished Alumni Award exists to publicly recognize and honor outstanding alumni of Whitefield Academy who demonstrate in their professional lives and/or community the qualities that represent the mission and values of Whitefield Academy.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Stu Jones ('98)


Nominate an Alumni



To publicly recognize and honor outstanding alumni of Whitefield Academy who excel in their professions and/or community demonstrating the qualities that represent the mission and values of Whitefield in their lives.


Head of School, Director of Development, Alumni Manager, Upper School Principal, and one faculty representative who has been at Whitefield for 5+ years.


Nominations are directed to the Whitefield Academy Development Office by January 5. The Committee reviews the material and makes the final selection.

  • Nominations open: December 1
  • Nominations received by: January 5
  • Nominations reviewed by: January 26


  • Nominee must have graduated from Whitefield Academy.
  • Nominations must come from someone other than the nominee.
  • Nominee's life and conduct should reflect the mission and values of Whitefield Academy.
  • Nominee's life should be characterized by outstanding accomplishments in his or her profession and/or community. This nominee should be recognized by peers as well as by persons from other fields of service. While national recognition may be an indication of contribution to society, significant service may often go largely unnoticed.
  • Nominations will be sought or encouraged from a variety of occupations or professions.
  • A graduate of 10 years or more is preferred but not required.
  • Longevity of service and type of contribution should be weighed in considering the nominee.
  • It must be evident that the nominee integrates his or her Christian faith into his or her life.
  • If possible, the nominee should be present at graduation for recognition.


  • Nominators complete a form that describes the nominee’s qualifications for the award. The form will ask for the nominee’s current contact information.
  • Nominators may include supporting materials as they wish.
  • Honoree may submit a current resume and any other supporting materials to the Alumni Office upon request.


Please send all requested materials and additional support information prior to January 5, to the following address: Whitefield Academy Distinguished Alumni Award | Lindsey McClellan | 1 Whitefield Drive |Smyrna, GA 30126

Additional questions? Contact Lindsey McClellan at 678-305-2169 or [email protected]