Whitefield Academy A Christ-Centered College Preparatory School

Others Ahead of Self

A crucial element of the Whitefield mission statement seeks to cultivate “a passion for others ahead of self” in each of our students.

Whitefield commits to guiding students as they discover their God-given talents and explore how to use these skills to better share the love of Christ with those around them. Through opportunities to serve those in need in our community, leadership roles on-campus, and an annual mission trips for Upper School students, Whitefield students are exposed to the less fortunate in our community and society and are encouraged to give their time and talents sacrificially.

Whitefield students collectively participate in approximately 10,000 hours of community service each year. To see students integrate servanthood into who they are, not just what they do, realizes the objective; that service becomes a reflection of tender hearts towards those in need and a lifelong commitment to altruism in our students.

Community Service Requirements

In the Lower School, students first learn to serve others through simple acts of courtesy and kindness towards one another in the classroom. In addition, each grade undertakes a community service project during the year. The purpose of these projects is to develop an awareness of the needs of others and “be the hands and feet of Jesus” in a world that needs to know his love. 

In Middle and Upper School, students are encouraged to not only serve their friends, family, and Whitefield community, but to also step outside the boundaries of their day-to-day activities and serve those outside the Whitefield community as well. Fifth-grade students collaborate during the school year to complete a variety of service opportunities. Sixth- through eighth-grade Middle School students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service per school year, with at least five of these hours performed in service to those outside the Whitefield community. 

Upper School students must complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service per school year, with at least 10 of these hours performed in service to those outside the Whitefield community. 

The next Whitefield Great Day of Service will be held in August 2024. This 8th annual event is centered on coming together as a 'Pack and starting off the school year with a focus on “others ahead of self.” Whitefield aims to be the hands and feet of Jesus while we serve organizations in Smyrna and beyond. The morning always begins with a joyful buzz and light breakfast followed by worship and encouragement before groups are sent out into the community. Annually over 1000 students, parents, family, and alumni sign up to serve, and we anticipate 2024 will be another amazing year. 

Questions? Please email our Great Day of Service Coordinators.

Ten Thousand Reasons

Ten Thousand Reasons (TTR) is a partnership of Whitefield families who collectively give to fund grants requested by Whitefield students in support of charities they serve.

Through TTR, Whitefield students (alone or in groups) can apply for grants to fund a specific need for their chosen charity. To submit a grant application:

  1. Speak with your charity to identify a specific need
  2. Sign TTR pledge at the end of October
  3. Interview with TTR board members
  4. Complete the grant application in January
  5. If selected as a finalist, present your request to voting partners in March


Why does Whitefield hold a Great Day of Service?

We want to create a way for the entire Whitefield community to come together as a family and focus on “others ahead of self” as we start a new school year. There’s no better way to center our hearts and minds on Christ than to serve others!

When can I sign up?

Sign ups for the 2022 Great Day of Service will be available June 20, 2022.

How do I register?

When sign ups are open to the community, a sign up link is included above. The sign up will include details about what the project entails, age suggestion, and project capacity. 

Is this just for students, or can the whole family participate?

We invite anyone who is a part of the Whitefield community to participate! This includes students, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, alumni, faculty, staff, and the list could go on!

Will there be Whitefield sports practices or events that may conflict on that day?

As a school community it is our intention to dedicate this day to service; however, in some cases, previously scheduled athletic events cannot be changed. Special team projects for affected athletes and their families will be scheduled as needed.

Do you have to be a certain age to participate?

We will have projects available for all ages and abilities, from PreK and up. Age appropriateness will be indicated for each project.

Does my family have to serve together or can we serve on different projects?

You may serve in any group arrangement you like! Some examples are: sports teams, moms, advisees, etc. You may also sign up to serve individually, it's really up to you!

Do students get community service hours for participating? How is that reported?

Yes! Middle and Upper School students may earn community service hours on the Great Day of Service.  Please see the community service web page for details on how to document community service hours.

Once I sign up, when will I hear from my project captain?

You will hear from your project captain with more details over the summer or prior to the event.

Will all projects be off-site, or will some be held on campus?

There will be a mix of opportunities on and off campus.

Will transportation be provided for off-site projects?

No. Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to the site.

What if it rains that day?

Each project will have a rain plan, so plan to attend regardless of weather! More information will be available from your project captain if rain is in the forecast.

How long will the projects last?

Most projects will last approximately three to four hours or whenever your project is finished. Some projects may be shorter (younger children) and some could last longer. Please check the times listed next to each project on the registration page for approximate durations.

Are Whitefield athletic teams signing up together as a group to serve? How do I know if my team is signed up?

Yes. Some Whitefield sports teams have planned to serve together as a team (not all). Some of those projects are listed on the SignUp Genius as FULL indicating the team who will serve. Please look carefully at the signup for your team. Not all team projects are listed on the signup. If you aren’t sure whether your team will serve together, please ask your coach or team parent.

Should my family sign up for a different project if I’m serving with my team?

Some teams may include family members on their projects and some may not. Please ask your coach or team parent prior to family members signing up for a different project.