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Georgia Goal

Whitefield Academy partners with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, a student scholarship organization that allows participants to redirect a portion of their Georgia tax liability to Whitefield Academy.

By redirecting a portion of your Georgia income taxes to Georgia GOAL, you help increase the availability of financial aid for qualified Whitefield families.

Participate TODAY to reserve your tax credit for the 2024 tax year.

The state allows taxpayers to take part in this program at the following maximum credits:

  • $5,000 for married couples filing jointly
  • $2,500 for married couples filing separately
  • $2,500 for individuals
  • Up to $25,000 for S-corp shareholders, members of an LLC or partners in a partnership
  • Up to 75% of Georgia tax liability for C-corp or trusts

Our partnership with Georgia GOAL makes participation in this program easy. 

Discover More About Georgia GOAL and Submit Your 2024 GOAL Tax Credit Application

The Process is Easy

  1. Apply. Complete the 2024 Georgia GOAL Tax Credit application today at (takes just 20 seconds!)
  2. GOAL Submits your application to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR)
  3. GOAL and DOR notify you of approved tax credit amount and payment deadline within 30 days of DOR submission.
  4. Make your Payment. Pay GOAL by check or credit card within 60 days of DOR approval.
  5. Take the Credit. GOAL will send you Form IT-QEE-SSO1 (tax receipt) for claiming the credit on your 2023 Georgia income tax return (Note: you will take the credit when you file your 2023 taxes in 2024).

It's easy to participate! Check out the Georgia GOAL website for more information. If you have any questions, contact Paige Perdue at [email protected].

While participation in the Georgia GOAL program benefits Whitefield by enhancing financial aid, it is not considered a donation. When you participate, you redirect tax dollars already owed to the state. We continue to rely on support of the Whitefield Fund and other donations to make Whitefield truly exceptional for our students.