Welcome to the Upper School

In order to make a difference for Christ in our world, students need to graduate with a firm understanding of their unique gifts and their role within the body of Christ. The Upper School at Whitefield Academy is committed to providing students with an experience that, through a breadth of opportunity and Christ-centered relationships, allows students to identify these talents and the arena to further explore and develop them.

Through a rigorous academic program, including a comprehensive array of AP and honors courses in history, math, science, literature, and languages, students are certainly well-prepared for the demands of college. The key to our program’s success lies in developing the whole student—athletically, artistically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually—as well as in providing a variety of leadership opportunities.

A hallmark of the Upper School experience is our extensive college and career coaching program, a process that helps students determine natural aptitudes, inherited traits, and special abilities. While the college and career program centers on junior year, this program also entails one-on-one academic coaching that starts in the spring of eighth grade and continues each year of high school. Academic coaching gives students the opportunity to assess their progress and map out a course plan tailored to their God-given talents and interests. In addition to the academic coaching process, the program is highly individualized in its approach so that students feel supported and encouraged, building their understanding of how the Lord created them for a purpose and their confidence that He has equipped them with everything they need to carry out His calling on their life.

While the breadth of opportunity is a clear strength of the Upper School experience, it is the Christ-centered relationships that build each student up in an atmosphere of investment and mentorship. The Whitefield Academy faculty is a living curriculum that individually and collectively invests in the lives of our students and is dedicated to helping students understand how their Upper School experience is preparing them for an eternal purpose. Our desire is to provide exceptional college preparation in a Christ-centered environment that readies students, as our mission states, with a “passion for learning, for others ahead of self, and for the living and active Jesus.”

Nathan Stevens
Assistant Head of Academic Affairs, Upper School Principal
Nathan Stevens is the assistant head of academic affairs and Upper School principal at Whitefield. In these roles, he leads Whitefield's Instructional Leadership Team (ILT), a team of faculty members who oversee curriculum development and instructional practices. The ILT works together to align curriculum with the mission of the school while emphasizing biblical integration. Prior to joining the Whitefield faculty, Stevens worked in education for sixteen years and administration for nine years, working as an academic dean and a principal at both the middle school and high school level. Stevens has a B.S. in History Education from Maranatha Baptist University and an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of South Carolina.