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During each day at school, students are learning much more than the academic principles being covered in the classroom. They are learning how to relate to one another, how to interact with authority figures, how to manage their own feelings and concerns, and how to live out their personal faith.

In order to support students and their parents as they move through this developmental time, Whitefield has a full-time, certified school counselor on-site and a staff of supporting counselors. Our counseling staff seeks to provide services to individual students as well as to create a program through which all students are able to grow. The program is modeled after the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national model, in which counselors use the following four components to facilitate each student’s academic development, personal/social development, and career development.

School Counseling Curriculum
Whitefield’s school counseling staff provides large group guidance lessons on topics including conflict resolution, time management, and self-control. Throughout the year, the staff also provides parent workshops that are age-specific and address subjects including the role of the school counselor and how to help students as they transition into new school levels. Small group counselling sessions are also made available throughout the year to address specific subjects with groups of four to six students, and parent permission is required to participate.

Individual Student Planning
Each year, Whitefield’s college counseling program sponsors activities that empower students to plan for future career development, enhance their social skills, and achieve academic success. These activities include meetings for students and families transitioning to a new school level, check-ins with students who are new to Whitefield, participation in the Duke Talent Identification Program, and study skills workshops for students who are struggling academically.

Responsive Services
From time to time, we all experience discouragement, fear, sadness, disappointment, and anxiety. Whitefield’s school counselors are available to meet individual students’ needs through individual counseling sessions, consultations with the student’s parents and/or teacher, crisis response, or referrals to outside sources that can provide more comprehensive care.

System Support
Whitefield’s school counselors work closely with teachers, support personnel, parents, and community workers to advocate for students and ensure that the counseling program is an effective tool for the Whitefield community. The school counselors maintain active membership in professional organizations such as the American Counseling Association, the American School Counselor Association, and the Georgia School Counselor Association in addition to attending professional development activities and conferences throughout the year.