Upper School


Art 1
Students will gain introductory visual art knowledge, skill, and experience with the elements of art and the principles of design while developing their God-given abilities through new challenges and multi-faceted studio assignments. Focus will center on drawing, painting, three-dimensional sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics in order to gain appreciation and love for the visual arts. Students evaluate their own work, the work of other students, and well-known artists from a Christian worldview in contrast to a secular worldview. Students will work on basic skill development and basic visual art concepts which will carry through and build upon each other through the course.
(1 Credit)
Exceptional work in 7th & 8th grade art (or an equivalent) and a teacher recommendation may exempt a student from Art 1 and allow them to enroll in an Art 2 course in 9th grade.

Art 2: Drawing and Painting
Students will develop their God-given abilities through experiences with a variety of drawing and painting materials, styles, techniques, and subject matters. Students will deepen their understanding of the elements and principles of design and how these elements and principles relate to their work and the work of others and obtain the skills needed to evaluate their own work and the work of others as they gain greater understanding of composition, craftsmanship, and quality. Students will gain a basic understanding of art history, art criticism, and aesthetics related to drawing and painting. Students will be encouraged to push their creativity to new levels as they develop a greater appreciation of the visual arts and develop their own artistic voice.
Prerequisite: Art 1 and/or teacher recommendation (1 Credit)

Art 2 Graphic Design
This semester course allows the student to explore design and communication through the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator), as well as Microsoft Publisher. The students will study graphic design foundations and their importance in today’s visual culture while gaining skills in the four programs. They will create a variety of communication pieces including posters, letterheads, business cards, brochures, advertisements, and also create a complete website. The course will include an overview of typography and basic design theory including the elements of art and principles of design. An overview of vector graphics while working in Illustrator on an “art for art’s sake” project and/or a t-shirt design that they screenprint using an exposure unit will be the final course segment.
Prerequisite: Art 1 or Yearbook 1
(.5 Credit)

Art 2: Photography
This one semester spring course is designed for students with little or no photography background as well as more advanced students. The course will cover foundational concepts of photography, including an introduction to the use of 35mm digital cameras (SLR), 35mm film cameras, and computer/digital imaging. This course concentrates on many areas of photography: technical skills, creativity, composition, basic darkroom procedures, techniques, experimentation, software, problem solving, creative expression, and the history of photography. Students will also learn about preparation of photographs for exhibition and they will participate in class critiques, individual critiques and discussions with the teacher to build understanding.
Prerequisite: Art 1 and/or active participation in the Photography Club and teacher recommendation.
Requirement: Digital camera (SLR preferred) (.5 Credit)

Art 2: Sculpture and Ceramics
In this one semester fall course, students will develop their God-given abilities and talents through an in-depth study in three-dimensional art through unique classroom experiences based upon the elements of art and the principles of design with a focus on ceramics, wire, carving, assemblage, relief, mixed media, and found object sculpture. Students will create both functional and decorative works of art. Students will gain a deeper knowledge of artists, processes, art criticism, and aesthetics. Students will be expected to work at an intense and skillful level to develop their own artistic style. The projects will be challenging and will require additional planning and preparation outside of class.
Prerequisite: Art 1 and/or teacher recommendation (.5 Credit)

Art 2: Advanced Graphic Design
This semester course allows a greater in-depth exploration of design and communication through the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator), as well as instruction and experimentation with SketchUp creating 3/dimensional architecture and products , Corel Painter using a graphic tablet, creating videos in iMovie on a iPad, screenprinting using an exposure unit, and creating a project on a 3/D printer. The primary goal of this course is to expose the students to a broader range of computer and technology applications used in Graphic Design today.
Prerequisite: Graphic Design (.5 Credit) or Digital Art (1 Credit)

AP Studio Art (2-D Design, Drawing, 3-D Design
Students will create works of art that are original, personal, and intriguing while furthering their appreciation for visual arts and a divine Creator. Participation in a sustained investigation of three sections of the AP Studio Art portfolio (which includes quality, breath, and concentration) will function alongside mastery in the areas of concept, composition, personal artistic voice, and execution of ideas in the chosen portfolio through studio experiences. Students develop a 2-D design portfolio utilizing a variety of concepts, approaches, techniques, and medium as well as assembling a body of work with a strong underlying visual idea. Critical thinking and problem solving will assist students in making informed decisions in their personal artistic journey and in honing the skill of critiquing the work of others. The foundation of this course is building upon previous knowledge of the elements and principles of design -and acquiring new knowledge and understanding of various concepts and approaches in order to create a portfolio. Students enrolled in this course are required to complete the AP Studio Art portfolio exam. Prerequisite: Art I; preferably Art II; juniors and seniors only; teacher recommendation (1 Credit)

Art 2: Advanced Sculpture & Ceramics
In this one semester fall course, students will experience an in-depth study in advanced three-dimensional art. Students will create both unique and advanced functional and decorative works . Students will gain a deeper knowledge of ceramics as an art form and kiln operation. Students will be expected to work at an intense and skillful manner to develop their own artistic style and excel at potter’s wheel, hand building techniques, and experimental forms.
Prerequisite: Art 1 and Art 2: Sculpture and Ceramics/or teacher recommendation (.5 Credit)

Digital Art1
This year-long course allows the student to explore art, design and communication through the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator), as well as Microsoft Publisher. The students will study the elements of art and the principles of design, incorporating them into their graphic design projects in the four programs. They will create a variety of communication pieces including posters, letterheads, business cards, brochures, advertisements, and also create a complete website. As an introductory Art 1 course, there will also be a sampling of other art projects such as sketching, perspective, acrylic painting, and ceramics.
(1 Credit)

The purpose of this semester course is to convey the importance of economics and its connection to the world corporately and singly. Students will become involved in the classroom and the world in which supply and demand, capital and labor, and business and government have meaning. Students will investigate the role of economic principles in relation to individual lives and the world in general - from the local movie theater to current international events - and will apply economic principles using integrated online learning resources that provide flexibility for various learning styles and links to current events. Prerequisite: Western Civilization I (.5 Credit)

Communication & Public Speaking (New in 2014-2015)
This course is designed to enable students to achieve improved communication skills. Students will have many opportunities to speak in front of the class - honing skills that will make them more comfortable in speaking to an individual or a group. Speeches will be presented in different styles in order to utilize these formats for future use in interviews, projects, and presentations. An understanding of the history of communication and how it has impacted the face of interaction throughout the world will be discussed. Testing of the student’s knowledge and regular debate of various topics will be standard fare for the class.
(.5 Credit)
This class will be for elective credit beginning in 2014-2015.

Over the course of the semester students explore the convergence of three important factions in American life: race and Christianity, race and politics, and Christianity and politics. The goal of the course is to stimulate discussion and voice earnest questions as we seek to tackle some key issues such as Christianity’s role in slavery and the civil rights movement and the rise of Christian conservative politics beginning in the 1980’s. The course explores how blacks and whites perceive issues based on their perspective and experiences. The course will require participation in electronic forums (blogging and Facebook pages) and will include reviewing and reading a number of articles and completing papers/projects which will provide the basis for the course grade. The ultimate goal of the course is to provide students with a biblical understanding of race and political action and involvement. (.5 Credit)

Band 1
This course provides an introduction to brass, woodwind, and percussion performance and technique. Students begin by mastering basic rhythm, meter, note recognition, and finger placement on their desired instrument through daily exercise and instruction. Performances include solos, small ensembles, and large group experiences - all of which incorporate varied styles of beginning band instruction. (1 Credit)

Marching & Concert Band
These courses are second/third year brass, woodwind, and percussion performance classes in a standard upper school band style setting. They incorporate a fall semester of marching band and a spring semester of concert band. Students will review and build upon basic skills - adding more advanced key signatures, scales, meters, rhythms, note ranges, articulations, and styles - and will be assessed through performance and written tests to measure accomplishment of goals. Performances will include varied experiences and various genres of music that include classical and jazz styles, standard band arrangements, and a variety of level two-four literature. These courses may be repeated as an elective for credit.
Prerequisite: Band I (.5 Credit each)

Jazz Band
This fast-paced course is for upper level band students who qualify artistically and instrumentally. Students are required to play a traditional jazz band instrument and be in the marching band. Standard and original jazz compositions are studied and performed to understand musical interpretation and technical devices employed in the jazz idiom. Students will study the history of jazz and incorporate music theory, improvisation, and listening skills. As a part of the course, students are required to perform at numerous events both on and off campus.This course may be repeated for credit as an elective. Prerequisite: teacher approval (1 Credit)

Orchestra 1
This is a beginning to intermediate level string class for grades 6 - 12 . Students will learn to play violin, viola, cello, harp, and bass instruments incorporating note recognition, rhythm, meter, key signatures, ear training, and bowing techniques. Students will learn basic music theory and be exposed to many styles of musical repertoire. They will perform in a variety of ensemble settings including several school performances and may play for community events. (1 Credit)

Orchestra 2
This course is a performance course for intermediate to advanced level string players in grades 7-12. Students will build upon the principles and basic skills from earlier training and they will learn more difficult music theory and more advanced playing techniques. Students will learn music from a wide variety of genres including Classical, Sacred, Irish, Bluegrass, and popular/movie themes. With a focus on building orchestral and string ensemble performance skills, this course gives students several performance opportunities throughout the year including school events as well as events within the community.
Prerequisite: Orchestra 1 and teacher recommendation (1 Credit)

SAT Prep
This fall semester course guides and instructs students in reviewing and practicing skills that will be assessed by taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Topics include algebraic principles, reading comprehension, grammar usage, and word choice. Tips and advice on how to successfully take the SAT as well as the ACT will be a part of this class.
(.5 Credit)
Note: This class is normally taken by Juniors.

Theater Technology - Fall and Spring
This one semester course provides an introduction to technical theater and engenders an appreciation and understanding of the production process. Students will explore the basics of production planning, rigging, lighting, scenic, and sound design. In class, students will focus on disciplined time management, communication, and group problem solving while assisting during assemblies, concerts, and events in the Louise Owens Theater. The goal of this course is to develop a method of understanding technical aspects of production, and discovering a language with which to express this understanding in a theatrical context Students are expected to attend rehearsals and crew calls for assigned projects to include events outside school hours. Dedication and critical thinking are a must for this course. Offered fall and spring.
Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation required.
(.5 Credit)

US Theater - Fall
Fall Theater is a first semester theater class open to Upper School students. The purpose of this class is to help students achieve a deeper level of character development, scene analysis, and theme identification. Students work on this through the production of a one-act play that is performed for the community and at the GHSA one-act competition. In the past, Whitefield has placed first in region and second in state at this competition. A commitment to after school rehearsals is expected.
Prerequisite: teacher recommendation (.5 credit)

US Theater - Spring
Students will explore contemporary musical theater through audition, research, rehearsal and performance of a musical production. This course will provide students the opportunity to explore acting exercises, costuming, choreography, makeup design, and singing in ensemble and solo settings. Students are expected to participate in all productions and rehearsals including those after school hours.
Teacher recommendation required. (.5 credit)

Yearbook I & II
This course offers applied opportunities in publication production. Students utilize concepts of design and layout with a completed yearbook presented to the student body at the end of the year. Photography, writing and editing, and computer graphics are the components of this hands-on class. Successful completion of both Yearbook I and II satisfies the Fine Art requirement.
Prerequisites: Application and interview with yearbook advisor due before the end of the school year. (1 Credit)