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Admissions FAQ



How can I find out more information about Whitefield?

The best way to find out more about Whitefield is to come in person to experience our community. Admissions events include campus tours, division-specific “Catch a Glimpse” informationals, and a campus-wide open house. Please click here to view the admissions calendar and RSVP for an event. In addition, we invite you to join us for a home sporting event, concert or theater production. If you are unable to visit campus, you may explore our website to learn more about who we are. Ask friends or neighbors who have children attending the school to tell you about our community. Please contact the Admissions office with any questions.

What makes Whitefield distinctive?

Whitefield Academy is a Christ-centered college-preparatory school. We are a school of choice for Christian families wanting to educate their children in an academically rigorous school with a biblical worldview. Whitefield’s core values include academic excellence, covenantal education, effective servant leadership, faithful stewardship, and enrollment reflecting the racial, ethnic, and economic diversity within the body of Christ. Whitefield purposes to model excellent Christian education. For more information on what sets Whitefield apart, click here.

Is Whitefield known for academic strength in a particular area?

The curriculum at Whitefield is designed to provide a comprehensive college-preparatory education not just in one certain area, but in every discipline. From kindergarten to the senior year, we emphasize writing and integrate compositional skills into all areas of study so that Whitefield graduates are well prepared for writing at the university level and beyond. We are proud that our students have diverse and exciting passions, from performing arts to innovation, engineering to graphic design. We encourage students with specific interests and challenge them to boldly pursue their passions in and out of the classroom. All Whitefield students have the opportunity to excel in a variety of offerings in the academics and through extracurriculars.

How do Whitefield students perform on standardized testing, like the SAT, ACT or AP tests?

Whitefield students’ standardized testing scores are competitive with students around the state.

The class of 2017 recorded the following results:
  • SAT mid 50%: 1110-1330, with a mean of 1210 (1600 scale)
  • ACT mid 50%: 23-30, with a mean of 26.3

Whitefield also administers the PSAT and PACT for all Upper School students to prepare them for the SAT and/or ACT.

91% of Whitefield students taking an Advanced Placement exam scored a three or higher (often earning college credit), compared with 59% of AP test takers in the state of Georgia. Whitefield offers 16 AP courses in science, English, math, history, technology foreign language and art.

What colleges do Whitefield students attend?

Whitefield students attend colleges all across the country. Please click here to learn more about our College Counseling program and to see where our students are accepted.

Is the athletic program at Whitefield strong?

Whitefield fields more than 50 teams from the middle school level to the varsity level, and 86% of Middle and Upper School students participate in student athletics. The school has six GHSA state championships: three in boys’ basketball, one in girls’ tennis, one in boys’ tennis and one in boys’ soccer. Our athletic facilities include an artificial turf field, an Olympic-sized eight-lane track, 10 lighted hard courts for tennis, over four miles of cross country trails, three full-sized basketball courts, 700+ seat gymnasium, baseball and softball fields, state-of-the-art weight room staffed by a certified strength and conditioning professional and an athletic training room staffed by ATCs. Over 100 Whitefield graduates have gone on to become collegiate athletes. Our coaches bring a wealth of athletic experience and a desire to mentor their players for life both on and off the field. Most importantly, the Whitefield athletics program seeks to use sports as a platform for Christ.

What is the arts program at Whitefield like?

At Whitefield, we believe that a well-rounded private Christian education includes a comprehensive understanding of the arts. Whitefield students develop this understanding through actively participating in creative work as well as studying the significance of the arts in culture. Beginning in preschool and continuing through grade 12, Whitefield students excel in both performing and visual arts. Each year Whitefield hosts over 50 Fine Arts events, many of which enrich the local community through performances, galleries, and fundraisers. The robust performing arts program contains seven Middle and Upper School ensembles, including a highly sought-after jazz band and award-winning marching band, concert band, orchestra and choruses. Theater arts produces six shows a year, including musicals, dramatic and comedic works, and compete in local festivals. In the visual arts, four studios house student work as they creatively explore their God-given talents in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics and graphic design.

Does Whitefield have before-school and after-school care options?

Before-school and after-school care options vary by division. Club Cub is the Lower School before and after school care option. Club Cub begins at 7:30 am and concludes at 6:00 pm. Students play games, complete homework and have the opportunity for extra help. In addition, the Lower School offers a variety of after-school activities including arts, academics, athletics, and STEAM. Middle School students may stay on campus to participate in extracurricular activities or attend supervised study hall.

What does the enrollment fee cover?

The Enrollment fee includes base tuition and food service and is required to secure enrollment. Families are responsible for additional required costs, including uniforms and Middle and Upper school textbooks. Families are responsible for discretionary fees such as extracurricular activities and sports equipment, Lower School after-school programs, and academic tutoring services.

Are there transportation or carpooling options available?

Whitefield offers morning bus services from Trinity Presbyterian Church in Buckhead to the Whitefield campus. The bus service will be offered on all school days, departing at 7:20 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 8:20 a.m. Wednesday.

In addition, many families choose to carpool to Whitefield. There is a carpool link on the parent portal of the website dedicated to helping families arrange carpools from across Atlanta.

Where do most Whitefield families live?

Whitefield families represent a variety of counties and neighborhoods in metro-Atlanta. Families live in 43 different zip codes including Mableton, Vinings, Smyrna, and Buckhead. Whitefield is tucked away less than two miles from I-285.

Is Whitefield safe?

The safety of your child is Whitefield’s priority and we are proud of our safe and secure campus. In addition to 24/7 security, all staff and students are frequently trained on emergency procedures, and close relations with police and fire departments lead to quick response times.


Applying to Whitefield

Where is the admissions office?

The admissions office is located in the administrative building, fondly referred to as the brickhouse. As you enter campus, follow signs for administration.

What is required to apply?

The Whitefield application process is designed to get to know your child and determine if we are the best fit for your family’s needs. The application process is sourced by Ravenna, and we invite you to apply by creating a Ravenna account and password. Application requirements vary by grade and are described in the chart below:
Steps PreK Applicant Kindergarten Applicant 1st – 4th Applicant 5th – 12th Applicant
Due February 2, 2018
Due February 2, 2018
  X X X
Student Questionnaire
Due February 2, 2018
    4th grade only X
Teacher Recommendation
Due February 2, 2018
X X X  
Math Teacher Recommendation
Due: February 2, 2018
English Teacher Recommendation       X
Principal/Counselor Recommendation       X
Extracurricular Recommendation
Due February 2, 2018
    X X
Due February 13, 2018
  X X 5th grade only
Last test date: February 3, 2018
(excluding 5th grade)
Observation X
Held on campus on January 23, 30, February 6 and 13, 2018
Held on campus February 10, 2018
Grades 1 – 3
Held on campus February 10, 2018
Held on campus on February 10, 2018
    Grade 4 X

  • Application: All applying families will complete an applicant information form and a family information form. The applicant information form and family information form are to be completed by the applicant’s parents. Student applying for 4th – 12th grades will complete a student questionnaire. We expect that students complete the questionnaire on their own.
  • Transcripts/school records: Families must authorize the release of the applicant’s school records. The authorization form can be found in Ravenna.
  • Recommendations:
    • For students applying to PreK or Kindergarten, please submit one recommendation from your child’s most recent teacher OR principal. Recommendation forms can be found in Ravenna.
    • For students applying to 1st- 4th grade, please submit two recommendations: one from your child’s most recent teacher OR principal AND one extracurricular recommendation. Recommendation forms can be found in Ravenna.
    • For students applying to 5th – 12th grade, please submit four recommendations: one from your child’s most recent math teacher, one from your child’s most recent English teacher, one from your child’s most recent principal or counselor, and one extracurricular reference. Recommendation forms can be found in Ravenna.
  • Testing:
    • Students applying to K –5th grade must complete the Joint Admissions Testing Program, or JATP. Information about the JATP can be found here.
    • Students applying to 6th – 12th grade must complete the Secondary School Admission Test, or SSAT. Families must register online. Whitefield will serve as a test site in November, December, January and February. The SSAT at Whitefield will be administered in small classroom settings. (Whitefield SSAT code number is 5255.)
  • Interviews/Observations:
    • Students applying to PreK – 3rd grade will be observed. PreK observations will be held on campus on January 23 and 30, 2018 and February 6 and 13, 2018. Kindergarten – 3rd grade observations will be held on campus on February 10, 2018.
    • Students applying to 4th – 12th grade will be interviewed by Whitefield faculty on campus on February 10, 2018. The interview helps us to get to know your child and his/her interests and passions.

What is the application timeline like?

Details about application dates can be found here.
  • After October 1: application posted online
  • February 2, 2018: application and documentation due
  • February 3, 2018: last date to take SSAT for rising 6th – 12th graders
  • February 10, 2018: interview/observation day
  • February 13, 2018: JATP test results due for rising K – 5th graders
  • March 30, 2018: Decision letters mailed
  • March 31, 2018: Electronic notification posted
  • April 12, 2018: Reply date

How old does my child need to be to attend Whitefield?

Students applying to PreK must be 4 years old by September 1. Students applying to Kindergarten must be 5 years old by September 1.

How should I prepare my child for testing, interviewing or being observed?

The best way to prepare your child for testing, interviewing or being observed is to remind them to do their best and be themselves. For applying PreK-3rd students, the observation is also designed to get to know your child. Your child should be prepared to listen carefully and follow instructions in a classroom environment with a few teachers. For applying 4th-12th graders, the interview is designed to get to know their interests, so encourage them to be honest about what excites them.