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2020-2021 Whitefield Fund



for being an integral part of the Whitefield FAMILY.

The Whitefield Fund allows us to continue growing while staying true to the vision our founders had for Whitefield 25 years ago. Please help us keep our FAMILY strong with your support of the Whitefield Fund today.

Support of the Whitefield Fund demonstrates commitment to the Whitefield Academy mission and provides support to every area of our school. The Whitefield Fund is critical in ensuring our school continues to grow and thrive. We encourage every FAMILY to give at whatever level you feel God is calling you. Every Whitefield Fund gift is 100% tax-deductible, and donors may choose to direct their annual giving to a specific area of the school's operations that they find most meaningful: area of greatest need or to the area of arts, athletics, faculty enrichment, spiritual life, student life, and technology.


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Dear Whitefield Community,


We are happy to be serving as Chairs for the Whitefield Fund this year.  As we celebrate Whitefield’s 25th anniversary, we are grateful for our Founders, whose sole purpose was to create a truly Christ-centered school with high academic standards in the Atlanta area.  This was the beginning of the Whitefield family and we are honored to follow their example to grow our school without compromising our mission.


Today we kick off the Whitefield Fund for 2021!  For the next six weeks we will highlight all the reasons why this is an important effort for our school.  We ask and encourage all families to support at whatever level you feel is right for you.  From $25 to $10,000 or more, your participation is critical to our success so please make a gift or pledge as soon as you can by clicking the buttons above.


The Whitefield Fund is an important part of your student’s experience each year because it provides them with activities over and above what they receive in the classroom.  It also gives our larger community – parents, grandparents, alumni and parents of alumni – opportunities to connect and grow together in Christ.  The Whitefield “family” is a large group that loves and supports our school and the Whitefield Fund helps to strengthen our family bond.


Thank you in advance for your support and participation.  We are grateful for your continued commitment to our school and are excited to see which grade will be the first to reach 100% participation!




Alissa and Matt Vickery 



“The Whitefield Fund MAKES A DIFFERENCE each year by allowing us to create new opportunities and expand current programs for our students and faculty.We are grateful to our Whitefield family for the support and energy they give to the Whitefield Fund that truly embodies our mission of others ahead of self.”

Dr. Kevin Bracher, Head of School