2018-2019 Alumni Fund

2018-2019 Alumni Fund

Alumni are a vital part of a school community. Once the high school years are completed, the memories and friendships continue through college and into the world of work, career, and family. It is always rewarding to return and remember those years with a spirit of gratitude. Whitefield alumni choose to direct their gifts in three ways: to honor the faculty who supported them throughout those formative years and to support need based tuition for faculty children; alumni also choose to direct their gifts toward Whitefield students by sponsoring the Senior Luncheon as well as the senior gift of engraved pavers. And a third way of giving is to support the outreach to other alumni through Homecoming events, reunions, and the annual Christmas party.

Simply, your gift to the Whitefield Alumni Fund is a blessing to each Whitefield student.


Alumni Support Levels

Professional $50+
If you are a professional working in your field, consider a donation of $50 or more to honor Whitefield as a foundational part of your education.

Career $25+
Just getting started in your career? A gift of $25 of more will honor Whitefield faculty and benefit our current Whitefield students.

Graduate $10
If you are still in college, we want you to concentrate on maintaining good grades and developing as a Christ-led individual in preparation for graduation. However, you can still help out Whitefield with a small donation of $10 or more.

No gift is too small, as foundations observe the faithfulness of our alumni, parents, and faculty, to determine whether or not to invest in Whitefield. Show them that Whitefield is a sound investment with your donation.