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A Christ-Centered College Preparatory School

During the 2022 State of the School address Head of School Dr. Kevin Bracher shared Whitefield's brand new strategic plan for 2022 - 2027. Below is a letter from Dr. Bracher followed by the full State of the School Address video presentation. 


Dear Whitefield families,


I enjoyed our time together during the State of School Address yesterday. For those of you who were unable to join us, I unveiled the key aspects of a brand new strategic plan for Whitefield Academy.


The end of this school year will conclude a five-year strategic plan that was focused on sustaining our foundation and building a legacy for Christ. Now, we are moving forward boldly and deliberately as we sense a unique moment for Whitefield being “called up” to the next level of excellence in mission delivery over the next five years.


In this new strategic plan, we have committed to substantial investment in our people, with a clear focus on our students and faculty, who are at the heart of our core business as a school – teaching and learning with Christ honored as Lord! The three major components of the plan aim at the following:

  • deepening Christ-centered transformational learning for each student
  • welcoming Christ-centered families to our community
  • committing resources for mission delivery at the next level

Considering God’s abundant provision for Whitefield Academy over our first 25 years, combined with the prayerful process employed to develop these plans for the future, we take our next steps with great confidence and faith in Him. Our desire in these plans is to glorify Him in all that we do to move forward as a school, while remaining unwavering and steadfast in our core values and mission.


As with our previous strategic plan, we will provide in the coming months a more formal document outlining the details of the plan. In the meantime, I encourage you to take some time to view the video from the State of the School Address in its entirety below.


Thank you for partnering with us as we diligently strive toward our God-given potential as a “Christ-centered college preparatory school that bolsters Christian families in rearing young people who go on to college and life with a passion for learning, for others ahead of self, and for the living and active Jesus.”


In service to Him,

Kevin Bracher



Please take a look at our newly added slides containing facts and figures related to the current state of our school.